About the rig

When Mastiff Sausage Company decided to build a food truck, they knew they were going to need much more than just another “roach coach”. A coast-to-coast search eventually uncovered a gem in their own backyard and set into motion a project that would take the better part of a year to complete. From the design phase on through construction, Jacob & Eric painstakingly developed every inch of their massive rig. The result: A fully-outfitted commercial kitchen set inside a 25 ft Grumman Olsen Step Van. At its heart, an 1100 lb, 72 inch Imperial Range with 6 open burners, a 36 inch grill, and two full sized ovens which act as the focal point of their operation. Supported by a two basket deep fryer and an abundance of food prep/storage space, Mastiff Sausage Company has the means to prepare delicious food on-site and to order.