Jacob Bartlett


Jacob Bartlett was born and raised in Escondido, CA. At the age of 16, he started working at the original Cocina Del Charro in Escondido. Two years later he left San Diego County to attend college in San Francisco. While studying, he worked in both the restaurant and hospitality industry, After graduating with a degree in cinema, he worked for an online company, Headsets.com.     Headsets.com was a pioneer in customer service and was voted “100 Best Places To Work” two years in a row by the San Francisco Business Times. In 2011, he moved back to southern California to start Mastiff Sausage Company, bringing the pioneering spirit to the food truck movement in San Diego.

Eric GALLERstein


Eric was born and raised in San Diego but he got his start in the kitchen while attending college in San Francisco. His most notable position was working under the instruction of Rising Star Chef Justin Simoneaux at the Moss Room. After graduating, Eric returned to San Diego and began working under Chef Ryan Johnston at Whisknladle. This position eventually paved the way for an eye opening culinary internship under Chef Marc Lanteri at Ristorante IL Baluardo in Mondovi, Italy. Home in San Diego once more, he continued to hone his cooking skills while setting into motion a dream to run a kitchen of his own. Partnering with Jacob, one of his childhood friends, Mastiff Sausage Company was formed.